There are four ways you can add students. First you have to access your "Settings" menu. Do this by clicking your avatar on the top right and then "Settings." Then, select your desired class then click "Students." Click "Manage Students" then "Add Students."

Adding Students

  1. Import Roster allows you to copy and paste a list of students directly into your class or you can import a roster from one of your other classes.
  2. Google Contacts allows you to upload a group directly from your Google contacts. These emails must be aligned to actual contact IDs, or else our system will not recognize them.
  3. Manually, you can type each student's name into the box. Hitting enter or the tab key will automatically add the student to your list.

Inviting Students

Invite students to join your class using your unique class code

  1. Provide students with your class code, and have them join your class. If they haven't signed up for Kiddom yet, they can sign up here.
  2. Once students have entered your class code, you will get a notification letting you know that they have joined. (Note: Follow the directions below if you added students before they joined via class code.)

Merging Students

If a student joins your class using a class code after you had added them to your class list, this student may now have duplicate profiles. You can easily merge these profiles into one.

To merge student profiles, go to your class settings. From there, click on the "students" tab at the top, then click "manage students." Check the boxes for the two student profiles you wish to merge. A blue bar at the bottom of the screen will appear, giving you the option to merge.

Removing Students

It’s sad to see students go, but if you need to delete them from your class, you can do this in Settings. From "Manage Students" in your settings, find the student you’d like to remove. Click the checkbox to select them, and an option to delete them will appear at the bottom of the screen.

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