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Kiddom is the easiest way to plan, assess, and analyze learning. With Kiddom, teachers use one collaborative platform for planning, assessment, communication, and analytics. 

  • Plan curriculum and modify pathways for groups or individual students.
  • Save time with a vast content library of standards-aligned resources.
  • Use beautiful, actionable reports to fine-tune and personalize instruction.
  • Provide students feedback in real-time with built-in communication tools.
  • With everything in one place, teachers get more time to connect with and inspire students.

There are a few ways to use Kiddom:

  1. Intuitive gradebook: Kiddom’s platform gives teachers the analytics they need to pivot and personalize instruction. When teachers add and grade assignments, reports automatically update to reflect class and individual student performance. If students have Kiddom accounts, they'll receive a notification every time an assignment is added, graded, or commented on.
  2. LMS (learning management system) alternative: Kiddom’s Planner and vast library of premium, standards-aligned content (via CK-12, Khan Academy, and more) helps teachers save time by planning curriculum with easy access to resources. Easily assign videos, lessons, activities, and more. Students receive a link to the resource and once completed, Kiddom automatically receives the students’ scores from the content partner into Kiddom’s gradebook, which makes it very easy to assign remediation or enrichment resources. In addition, Kiddom also integrates Google Drive, allowing teachers to send and share Drive docs directly with students (note: this works best if students use Google accounts).
  3. Blended learning platform: All of these features mentioned above make Kiddom ideal for blended learning and flipped classroom environments. To learn more about using Kiddom for blended learning, click here.
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