Our Pilot Program empowers schools, districts, and networks with Academy, a product to measure the pulse of teaching and learning in a community.

Who can be part of Kiddom's pilot program?

  • A entire school or district (including administrators)
  • A grade team, content team, or group of colleagues interested in using Kiddom for blended learning, standards-based grading, or other goals
  • A counseling, special education, or tutoring organization (or program) seeking to track client/student data

What does Kiddom's pilot program include?

We will develop a personalized plan with you depending on your goals and organization initiatives. Most of our current pilots look like this:

  • Planning meeting with Kiddom team and school administrators and teachers
  • "Start Smart" account setup and tutorial sessions with staff
  • On-going digital support and frequent check-ins with Kiddom's PD team
  • Professional Learning Community workshops
  • Optional sessions from Kiddom's PD menu

To join the waiting list of schools in our pilot program, you must first schedule a demo for school/district administrators

To learn more about Kiddom's pilot program, click here.

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