What is it?
Zearn combines resources for small group instruction with independent digital lessons aligned to standards in elementary math classes. Zearn is designed to supplement a K-5 Math class with activities aligned to EngageNY Eureka Math Units. The design is student friendly. Their fluency activities are great for independent practice and the video resources are interactive with embedded questions.  Read Reviews

Do you need an account?
Yes, but signing up is free and it is worth it. The first time you click on a Zearn resource you will see the login page. At the bottom of the page you will see  “boring stuff for grown-ups”. Here you will be directed to sign up with a 3 step process. 

You will need to create a class and add students. Zearn generates editable username and passwords for the students and provides login cards for you.

Teacher Tip: Zearn has a lot of resources for small group instruction to go along with the digital resources.  You may want to assign “Zearn time” on Kiddom and allow students to work through the self-paced digital content as homework or in a station. Or you can assign specific assignments as a targeted intervention. 

Zearn generates usernames and passwords for students but you can change them. We recommend editing them to a uniform login system so students have less to remember. See support article for more info. 

Get started using this teaching resource here!

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