Share assignments across multiple classes
Curriculum made with Planner is accessible for all of the classes you've made in Kiddom, which means you can easily assign an assignment from Planner to students in multiple classes. Easily append standards to track progress later. 

Plan for a variety of learning styles
Find and store alternative assessments and lessons using Kiddom’s Library as a tool. In this way, differentiation resources (like videos, practice problems, and simulations) are ready to assign when necessary. 

Targeted intervention and extension
To assign remediation or enrichment resources directly to an individual student, simply drag and drop the resources directly into that student's timeline.

Experiment with self-paced playlists
Create and share a group of related assignments; lesson, practice, and assessment, for students to access like a carefully curated playlist.  

Prepare for next semester/year
Reflect on what worked or didn’t work and make changes immediately for next semester/year.

Collaborate with a co-teacher
Co-plan without the need to be in the same room at the same time. To learn more, click here.

Pro tip: To learn more about these features, book a free demo with our team. 

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