Curriculum planning takes time. With Planner, teachers can plan units and lessons well in advance, so assigning students the "right" work takes less time. 

If you're finding excellent resources as you go, tuck them away in your planner to assign to your students later on. 

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How Planner Works: 

  1. Add your first unit by clicking the drop-down menu.
  2. Select “New Curriculum.” To get started, name and add a description to your curriculum unit. 
  3. Click on the blue "plus" button to add a single assignment or a group of assignments as a playlist. Playlists can be great for grouping videos, readings and standards-aligned assessments that address the same topic. 
  4. Name your playlist to start adding assignments. 
  5. Attach content to the playlist and finish by clicking “Create.”
  6. Drag your new playlist over to your timeline to assign to students!

    Created an assignment in your Timeline and want it added to your Planner? No problem, just drag it from your Timeline and drop it in your Planner! 

To learn more about how Planner works with Timeline, click here!

You can also co-plan curriculum with a co-teacher! To learn more, click here.

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