Does Kiddom Support Blended Learning?

Blended learning is not just giving students technology devices, but it is facilitating learning with the support of technology and digital media resources. 

Teachers are absolutely critical to this implementation as knowledge of their students' individual needs and their classroom's needs will inform where technology will best support learning. Blended learning can be implemented in a variety of different ways, including four specific models: the rotation model, flex model, enriched virtual model, and á la carte. 

Blended learning can provide teachers support that will not only save them time and keep us from recreating the wheel with content, but makes providing students with appropriate remediation and enrichment much easier. Kiddom Classroom comes with content searchable by keyword, grade level, and subject area from Khan Academy, CK-12, Common Lit, and more. Easily add websites and other blended learning resources to Kiddom assignments, including via Google Drive, as you filter by student mastery groups to assign. 

Kiddom provides professional development support with blended learning and we are always here to answer your questions when implementing new strategies. 

  1. Download our free educator guides to Blended Learning. Share with other educators in your community interested in expanding their practice! 

2. Read how educators in Kiddom's community have adopted blended learning and the significance this has played in student ownership.

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