Why Aren't Reports Generating?

First, double-check your assignments.

When creating assignments, you have the option to check whether the assignment is summative assessment or not. Summative assessments include all assignments that count towards a student’s final grade. Only summative assignments will be included on your reports page.

There are two ways to do this. The first is by clicking on the curriculum tab, navigating to the activity you want to assign, toggling on the "edit" button, and changing the assignment to summative.

The second way to change assignments to summative is through the timeline. After you have assigned the activity, click into the activity. On the left side you will see an edit button. Click on this button.

After clicking edit, change the assignment type to summative by clicking the down arrow.

If you did not mark an assignment as summative, it is a formative assessment. This data will not be included in the graphs, but don’t worry - the information is not lost. You can still see your students’ performance on these assignments when looking at the assignment details. Click on the green view assignment button on the assignment cards to view and edit grades.

Second, check to see if each question on the assigned activities is tied to a standard.

If questions aren't tied to a standard, also known as "skill," the standards report will be blank.

If you still aren't sure, send us an email at support@kiddom.co

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