How Do I Add a Time Limit to an Assignment?

Kiddom offers the option to add a time limit to assessments. This is particularly valuable if your students are taking a summative test or quiz.

Note: the timer option is only available for assessments (and not activities).

At the top of an assessment, you will see a timer button. Click it to add a time limit and then select the "assign" button to send it to students.

What will students see when they complete a timed assessment?

Once you assign the assessment, students will notice a time limit on the assignment card in their Timeline. You'll notice that this is different than non-timed assessments.

When a student clicks into the assessment, they will get a notification that this assessment is timed. They cannot stop and restart the assessment.

At the top of the assessment, the student will have a timer that will count down the minutes. Once the timer reaches zero, the assessment will be locked and the student will not be able to access it until it's been graded.

If a student cannot open a timed assessment, change the due date. If the due date has passed, the assessment will lock.

Note: Timed Assessments are only available though a subscription with the Kiddom Education Platform. If you are interested in learning more, please complete this form.

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