How do I use Planner effectively through the school year?

Planning Season

Start off planning season right by creating your curriculum(s) in Planner. You can use Planner to plan and save units, lessons, resources, and more. Every new class has a “Master Curriculum” with the same name as the class. This curriculum will be shared with your co-teachers who have access to your class. They can edit and work on this curriculum with you as well!

Want to use the same curriculum for multiple classes? No problem! Each curriculum you have in Planner is accessible no matter which class you’re in. This means you can easily copy an assignment from your Planner to students in any of your classes. Easily append standards to assignments to track progress later.

Start of the semester

From Planner, drag-and-drop assignments into Timeline and add due dates so students know what to expect. See a resource you like in our K-12 Library, but not sure when to use it? Add a unit to your Class Curriculum to house all of your favorite resources and use them when you feel they're appropriate. In this way, differentiation resources (like videos, practice problems, and simulations) are organized and ready to assign when necessary.

Forgot to add an assignment or lesson during your planning season? No worries, easily add it into your Planner whenever: this is not a student-facing tool.


It's a great time to put those resources you saved into action! If you haven't already, create units and lesson plans dedicated to enrichment resources and another for remediation, or create one based on topic and subject. Whatever organizational method works for you, Kiddom works with you to house all of your resources and ensure your students get exactly what they need. This is ideal for targeted test prep!


What worked? What didn't work? Make the changes you need to your curriculum so you're prepared and ready to go for next year! Edit, delete, or add assignments until you're satisfied with your new curriculum. Update your assignment with new resources from our constantly growing Library so you have something for everyone.

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