How does Kiddom support special educators?

Customized Standards Support Personalized Learning Goals

With Kiddom, special education teachers may create custom learning goals for each student or custom standards for an entire class. These might come from diagnostic assessments, individualized education plans, or student-created goals.

Teach the Whole Child

Great educators teach the whole child, supporting students in developing self-management and collaboration skills to develop strong, positive identities. 

Align your assignments to CASEL’s Social Emotional Learning standards, pre-loaded in Kiddom, to track student mastery, and give feedback via CASEL aligned-rubrics and comments in Kiddom’s platform.

Collaboration and Information Sharing

Kiddom allows teachersto share their classes with collaborators, like counselors or paraprofessionals, to help all the adults that work with special education students stay on the same page and support their goals using the same data and content.

Differentiation Comes to Life

These features can help you truly differentiate instruction based on your students’ needs, goals, and interests.

Library: Access Premade Resources

  • Search and assign standards-aligned resourcesfrom providers like Khan Academy, CK-12, Newsela, and more all from one place
  • Find multimedia resources across grade levels, including videos, lessons, quizzes, and activities and tailor your assignments to student learning styles 
  • Assign directly to your whole class, or groups of students based on their mastery levels.

Class Content: Enrich or Remediate 

  • Assign intervention resources, like videos or lower-level texts, that you’ve stored in planner to specific students - simply drag and drop them from your folder to assign to those students who need it. 
  • When a student is ready to move ahead after mastering an assignment or skill, you can send them a more challenging extension activity directly from Class Content, right when they need it.

Reports: Intervene in Real Time

  • With Kiddom’s beautiful, actionable reports you can track how students are doing across individual standards or skills over time in order to provide feedback and support right away.
  • Colorful, simple reports allow special education students to easily see where they stand.
  • Use the reports at the end of a unit or school year to reflect on which parts of your curriculum were most effective, and refine your curriculum for next year!
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