Do I Need a Google Account?

Anyone can use Kiddom! The amount of technology available in your district will determine how you use our platform.

If you wish to share assignments with your students electronically, the teacher will need a Google account. Google Drive becomes the storage place for all shared assignments. With a Google account, we organize the assignments for you and you can access them with ease.

This does not mean, however, that your students need Google accounts. Here are a few cases for file sharing.

  • Students have Google accounts with email and Drive access:
    In this case, students are able to receive email notifications from the teacher and open assignments from link inside the email.
  • Students have Google Drive but cannot access email:
    Students are still able to access shared attachments. Attachments will go directly into the ‘Incoming’ folder in their Drive. Teachers will need to be clear in sharing the assignment name with students to ensure they can locate the correct assignment.
  • Students have an email, but it is not a Google account:
    As long as students have email access, they will be able to access shared assignments. They will use the link located in the email to open the document. They will be able to open and edit Google docs that are shared with them (some attachments may download as PDFs).
  • Students do not have email or Google Drive:
    This is the only case in which you will not be able to share attachments with students. However, this doesn’t mean Kiddom isn’t for you! You can still add assignments without attachments, grade the assignments as they’re returned to you, and view the data on your Dashboard.
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