How Might Students Utilize Google Drawings to Draw and Graph in Kiddom?

With our Google Drawing integration, students will have a place to draw and graph in Kiddom. This article will walk you how the integration works.

How Do I Add a Google Drawing Attachment?

When you create an assignment, you have the option to add attachments from Google Drive. If you do not see an attachment section, select the add section button. From there, you will see a Google Drive button. New to creating assignments in Kiddom? Our How Do I Add an Assignment? article provides a step-by-step guide.

Select the Google Drive button to attach your Google Drawing. Google Drawings provides some templates, however, you also have the option to create your own drawing. Check out the Create, Insert & Edit Drawings article for instructions.

Once you are ready to assign, select the blue Assign button or drag and drop from Planner to Timeline.

Note: Don't forget to make the attachment section student-facing. If the student-facing button is not selected, students will not see the Google Drawing.

How Do Students Access the Drawing?

The Google Drawing will show up as an attachment for students. They will open it up in another tab to graph and draw. Each student will get their own unique copy.

How Do I View Student Work?

To view student work, click into the assignment in Timeline and then select a student. You can then open up the Google Drawing attachment.

Students do not have to hit the submit button for the teacher to see their Google Drawing work. It automatically updates on your end so it makes it easy to track student progress.

Want to start grading? Check out the How Do I Grade Assignments? article for some quick tips.

Happy teaching and learning! 

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