iOS App: How do I collaborate with colleagues?

With Kiddom, you can easily add a collaborator or colleague to any class. Once you share your class, collaborators (or co-teachers) can gain view-only access or editing privileges to your class, depending on your chosen setting. 

1. To add a collaborator, click into the class you'd like to share. 

2. Click "Classroom" at the bottom.

3. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen. (You can also click the blue "Add" icon in the bottom right corner then click "Add teacher")

4. Click "Sharing" then "Add Teacher"

5. Enter the email address that the teacher uses for their Kiddom account. 

6. Select either "can view" or "can edit" permission (this can also be changed later). Click "Done". 

Collaborators, depending on the permissions you provide, can view or edit everything from adding assignments to viewing class reports. This enables you and a co-teacher to work together more effortlessly. 

A collaborator with “view-only” permissions cannot add or modify anything in your class. This collaboration type is ideal for content or grade-level teams, instructional coaches, administrators, and case managers. “View-only” collaborators will be able to see your class and individual student reports, as well as which students have late or missing work.

Collaborators with “edit” permissions can add and make changes to your class. This collaboration type is ideal for co-teachers, special education teachers, or departments where subjects and students overlap. Collaborators with “edit” permissions can create, grade, and leave comments on assignments. They’ll have access to class and individual student reports. 

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