How Do I Sync Rosters With OneRoster 1:1 Integration?

Using Academy's SIS Integration Tool, you can easily integrate your Student Information System (SIS) by using OneRoster 1.1 API. After the setup, all teacher accounts, student accounts, and classes will be synchronized with your SIS on a nightly basis.

Step 1: Check if you have software that supports OneRoster 1.1 API

In order to set up a OneRoster connection, you will need an SIS or other software system component that allows access to rosters using OneRoster 1.1 API. Aeries, ClassLink, PowerSchool and Infinite Campus are some examples of software known to support OneRoster 1.1 API integration.

If you only want to sync particular grades and subjects, please make sure this data is populated in your OneRoster 1.1.

Step 2: Import OneRoster Sync Credentials

Note that only district administrator accounts can access the SIS integration feature. Please contact Kiddom support if your district doesn’t have one.

After logging in Academy, click on the SIS Integration Tab on the home page. Submit the client ID, client secret, and the host name of your OneRoster 1.1 API.

Note: when adding your host URL do not include /ims/oneroster/v1p1

Step 3: Match Existing Schools in Kiddom with SIS

You may skip this step if you don’t have any existing schools in Kiddom. This process is to ensure that we can merge data in Kiddom with SIS smoothly.

Step 4: Configure the Sync with OneRoster 1.1

By default, Kiddom will sync all the schools, grades and subjects from your SIS. But you can always select particular schools, grades and subjects for your district.

Note that it is possible that there are no grades or subjects for selection. In this case, it is because no grades or subjects are present from your OneRoster 1.1.

Also, you are able to choose any future date for the start of the sync. A nightly sync will be run after your scheduled date.

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