How do I use resources by RocketLit?

What is it?
Non-fiction science and social studies articles, written in a fun voice students love, filled with analogies they can grasp available at multiple reading levels, covering topics for upper elementary and middle school. Science resources are aligned to NGSS and a growing number of state standards. Articles for students include listening support for lower reading levels and annotation options. Assessments include multiple choice and free response style questions. 

Students complete an initial reading diagnostic and RocketLit adapts each assignment you choose to the student’s own reading level. This adjusts as student’s reading improves. 

Do you need an account?
Yes. However, teachers get a free one month trial and all 5th grade reading level versions are free. Your students will also need accounts which you can set up when you create your teacher account.  

Teaching Tip: The RocketLit articles are helpful for introducing a science or social studies topic in a friendly way. You can use it to fill in gaps in knowledge or build up background knowledge before diving deeper into a unit. Read more about the value of Content Area Literacy

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