iOS App: How Do I View and Grade Student Work?

As a teacher, you can view and grade student work on the Kiddom iOS App. 

Please note that curriculum and pre-made assignments will first need to be assigned from on a desktop or a mobile internet browser. To learn how to create your own assignments in the Kiddom iOS App, click here

How do I view student work?

1. Log into your Kiddom account.

2. Click into your class. You will see your class Timeline that shows all the assignments you've assigned to students. Under each assignment, you can see the due date, how many students have submitted, and how many have been graded. At the top of your Timeline, you can also filter assignments. 

3. Click into the assignment. You will see a list of the students who have received the assignment, organized by "Completed", "Late" or "Graded". 

Completed means the student has completed and submitted the assignment. It is ready to be graded. 

Late means the student has not yet submitted the assignment and it is either on or past the due date. 

Graded means the student submission has been graded by the teacher.

4. Click on a student's name to view their submission.

5. Teachers can also view a snapshot of the assignment details by clicking the "details" toggle next to the student list. 

How do I grade student work?

1. From the Timeline, click on the assignment.

2. Click on the student's name to see their submission.

3. You can give each question a score, as well as an overall score for the assignment. Be sure to click "Submit".

You can also leave feedback on student assignments. When viewing a student submission, click the comment icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This will open the commenting feature where you can leave written feedback. You also have the option to leave spoken/video feedback, or attach an image/file.

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