iOS App: How Do I Create an Assignment?

If you'd like to create an assignment that includes an attachment or a resource from the K-12 Library, you can do so right in the Kiddom iOS App! 

Please note that the iOS app does not currently support additional question builder tools (multiple choice, drawing, etc). If you'd like to create an assignment that utilizes these features, you can do so by accessing on desktop or on a mobile internet browser.

First, click into the class in which you'd like to create the assignment. Make sure you are in the "Timeline" section. Click the blue "Assignment" button in the lower right corner of the screen. 

From there, you can create your assignment by:

  • Giving it a title
  • Adding assignment details
  • Assigning a due date
  • Choosing the assignment type: paper, quiz, homework, or video
  • Attaching work or a resource from the K-12 Library

You can also choose if you'd like to assign it to all students in the class, or just a select few by clicking the "Students" button in the upper right corner next to the class name. 

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