iOS App for Students: How Do I View and Submit Assignments?

Students can view and complete assignments right within the Kiddom iOS App!

Viewing Assignments

After logging into your Kiddom account, click on the class in which you'd like to view your assignments. You can access your classes by clicking on the 3 lines in the upper left corner and clicking on the class you'd like to view. To learn how to join a class via class code, click here

Once you click on your class, you'll be taken to the Timeline. This is where you will see the assignments your teacher has assigned to you organized by their due dates.

Click on an assignment to open it and to see assignment details such as the type of assignment, due date, points value, how many questions are in the assignment, and any skills that your teacher has attached to it. Click "Start" once you are ready to work on it. 

Once you begin the assignment, you will be shown one question at a time. At the top, you can click on the question number under "Questions" to navigate to other question numbers in the assignment. You can also leave a comment for your teacher by clicking the comment boxes in the upper right corner. Once you have answered the question, click "next" to be taken to the next question. 

Once you've reached the last question, you'll see a "Review" button. Clicking this button allows you to review your work on all the questions in the assignment before submitting. Once you're ready to submit your assignment, click the "Submit Assignment" button at the bottom. 

If there are any unanswered questions, a message will display asking if you'd like to stay to continue working on the assignment or to submit it. Once you submit the assignment, you will be brought back to the assignment details page and will see a "submitted" label under the due date.

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