How Do I Use the Virtual Whiteboard?

The virtual whiteboard is a synchronous experience where teachers can draw on a canvas and students can see the Whiteboard updates in real time

To access your Whiteboard, navigate to your Classroom page. The Whiteboard is located in the toolbar at the bottom of the page:

Selecting the Whiteboard in your teacher account will also open a Whiteboard on the student account. Students will be able to see what you are drawing in real time.

On the top left corner of the Whiteboard, teachers have a few customizable options:

  • Zoom In or Out
  • Pan, to move to different sections of the whiteboard
  • Undo
  • Insert Image
  • Add Background Image
  • Download to save an image of the work
  • Erase the entire canvas
  • “Students Can Draw” Toggle: Option to allow students to draw on the whiteboard in real time alongside the teacher

At the bottom of the Whiteboard, teachers have several drawing tools:

  • Erase
  • Select
  • Insert Text
  • Insert Line
  • Marker Tool
  • Insert Shape

Once you are finished using the Virtual Whiteboard, click the x in the upper right corner to close it. You can also click the Whiteboard button at the bottom to close it. This will also close the Whiteboard for your students. 

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