How Do I Use Resources by Newsela?

What is it? Newsela offers high-interest news and nonfiction articles at five different reading levels  for grades 2-12 along with standards aligned quizzes and writing prompts. When students login, they are able to access the full library of resources so students can also take ownership and tell you what they want to read for homework or just fulfill their curiosity. Read Reviews

Do you need an account? Yes. In order to read the full article both you and students will need an account. It is free to sign up and you can sign up with a gmail account. 

Do I need to setup a class on Newsela?While Newsela does have free “learner” accounts, they are only available for students who are 13 years or older. If you are planning to use Newsela with younger students, you will need to create a class and share your class code. They have  a quick start guide for teachers on how to get this setup that includes a quick start guide for students. 

Teacher Tips:You can share the instructions for signing up for Newsela as an assignment on Kiddom. 

The free version of Newsela does not give you access to student data but students have access to their own progress on assignments. This is a great opportunity to schedule 1:1 conferences with students and have them share their progress with you while taking ownership of their learning. 

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