What Is Kiddom Live?

Kiddom Live is a paid service that allows teachers to conduct live video sessions in the Kiddom platform for 1:1, small groups and full class. This will decrease the burden on both teachers and students by providing everything they need to communicate and stay connected, in the same platform where learning is already taking place.

Teacher View: How to Launch Live Calls in Kiddom

Teachers have the option to conduct live calls with individual students, small groups and the full class. To launch a full class call, you will want to start in the Classroom tab of an individual class. Select the Live Call icon to start the call.

When you start a live call, the following screen will open up:

You’ll notice a few different components on this screen. At the bottom, is the live chat area. This is where you can chat with students, share your screen, as well as other options. At the bottom, you see a few buttons (from left to right):

  1. Exit
  2. Video on/off
  3. Audio on/off
  4. Share screen
  5. More options
  6. Raise hand
  7. Chat with everyone

Note: The exit button allows you to end the call for all participants.

You will also see options on the individual student:

To start a live call with an individual student, click on their name card on the main page of your class then click Enter 1:1. When you are in a one on one with the student, click on the Live Call icon. When you start a 1:1 call, only that selected student will receive a notification to join the call.

To set up a small group call, click into a specific group in the People section. From there, you can launch your call.

Creating groups for the first time? Select the Groups option on your class main page. Once in your groups, click on plus button to start creating your groups.

Recording a Live Call:

With Kiddom, you have the ability to record live calls. After starting your live call, click on the three dots to bring up the options menu. Choose the Start Recording option to record your live call. You can stop and start your recording as need during the call by clicking on the options menu. All recordings before ending the call will be stitched together at the end of your call. Recording will end when you either stop recording or end the live call.

Note: The recording will show all individuals who have their cameras on. If you would like to be the only one on the screen during the recording, have participants turn off their cameras before you start recording.

Once you end your call, the recording will be processed and you will be given the option to add notes and share the recording. Your shared recordings will be saved on your Announcements page.

Can I download the recorded live calls?

Yes you can! You can download the recording once it is processed by clicking on the three dots and selecting Download. You can also download the recording from the Announcements page by clicking on the recording and following the steps above.

Student View: How to Join a Live Call

When you start a call with the whole class, students will receive a notification to join the call in the Classroom tab.

Once they join the call, they will have a few different options available:

  1. Students can live chat during the call
  2. Students can turn the mute button on and off
  3. Students can turn their camera on and off
  4. Students can leave the call at anytime

In order for students to join a 1:1 call, they need to select their teacher's name card in the Classroom tab, click "Enter 1:1" and click "Join Call".

To join a group call, students will need to click on the "Groups" tab within the Classroom, click on their Group they are part of, click "Enter Group" and click "Join Call".

Happy teaching and learning!

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