How Do Planner & Timeline Work Together to Share Assignments?

Kiddom’s Planner and Timeline are tools that work together to help you plan, create, share, and modify assignments when you need to.


Planner is your digital curriculum binder, storing resources like lesson plans, assessments, activities, worksheets, and videos that you have not yet assigned.

To assign materials, simply drag-and-drop content from Planner into Timeline (right to left)

Using Planner, you’re free to access any of the curricula you design from within any class: the activities and resources can be assigned to any student in any class.

Planner is organized to help you think about the big picture, but then dig deeper. Structurally, it’s laid out like this:

  • Curriculum: This is one overarching set of units. Every new class has a “Master Curriculum” with the same name as the class. This curriculum will be shared with your co-teachers who have access to your class. You can also easily design personalized curriculum.
  • Unit: a unit can be organized around a topic or skill, and includes assignment groups or individual assignments. Unit titles and descriptions are only visible to teachers — not students — as it is purely a way to organize things.
  • Assignment: When you create an assignment in Planner, you can add an attachment from your computer, Google Drive, or Kiddom’s library and append standards. You will add due dates and grading settings when you assign it to students.


Your Timeline shows you (and your students) assessments and resources that have been assigned. It shows all of the assignments you have sent to your class (or an individual student), in chronological order. You can even filter assignments that are late or you haven’t graded yet.

To be able to re-use the assignment in the future or in another class, consider creating the assignment in Planner first.

How do Planner and Timeline work together?

Once you’ve made an assignment, it will show up in Planner and you can drag it over into your Timeline to assign it to an individual student, a group, or the whole class. The original assignment remains exactly the same in your Planner to be used again, and a copy of it is created in your Timeline. You can edit the assignment that’s in your Timeline to modify standards, rubrics, points, a due date, or assignment type.

Note: to edit the content, you will need to click into the assignment in Planner. Once you are done, you can assign over to students.

To assign, drag-and-drop content from Planner into Timeline to assign to students.

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