Does Kiddom Support Standards-Based Grading?

Grades should have meaning. 

Standards-based grading (SBG) brings a new depth of understanding to grades and places importance on what students learn over how much work students do. SBG tracks student progress in relation to standards and competencies, allowing students to recognize both strengths and growth areas. Once a student demonstrates mastery of a skillset, they can move on to a more challenging set of standards.

Kiddom considers learning goals, outcomes, competencies, and objectives universally as standards. The Kiddom platform is preloaded with national learning standards (e.g. Common Core, NGSS), as well as state-specific learning standards (e.g. TEKS, IDOE). Kiddom also empowers teachers with the ability to write their own standards. Teachers may write custom standards to enhance a set of national/state standards or if their content area lacks national/state standards. In addition, teachers may add character (or behavioral) traits as custom standards to track socio-emotional growth in tandem with academic growth.

Kiddom provides professional development support with SBG. 

  1. Download our free educator guide to Standards-Based Grading: SBG 101. 

2. Read how educators in Kiddom's community have adopted SBG and the significance this has played in student ownership.

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