How Do I Use Categorizing Questions?

Kiddom now includes a Categorizing Answer Type!

Where can I find it?

When creating or editing an assignment, click on the question type and choose Categorizing.

To set up your items and categories, click on the text field inside the boxes (top boxes will be your items to be sorted and the bottom boxes will be your categories). You can enter plain text or click the root symbol next to the text entry field on the item or category to add math text. You can add up to 99 items or 99 categories.

Note: To enable auto-scoring, sort the items into their correct category when you create the question. If the items are not sorted, teachers must manually score the question.

What will the students see?

Students will see the items at the top and can select and drag them to sort them into 1 of the categories below. Each item may go into only 1 category. With the classifying question, students can click on an image in the classifying cards section to enlarge the image to see them better.

Which devices support Categorizing question type?

As with other interactives, Builder is not available on mobile. Students can complete Categorizing interactives on any device (laptop, tablet, Chromebook, mobile) via supported Kiddom browsers and via the Kiddom apps on iOS and Android devices.

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