How Do I Add Standards To My Class and Assignments?

Adding Class Standards will make it easier to search and attach standard or competency goals when making assignments. Rather than searching for the standards each time, class standards will appear filtered for you when attaching standards to your assignments. You can set up standards at any time and here's how

  1. Via the Classes page, select the class you want to edit
  2. Next, click on the Settings icon in the left menu
  3. Scroll down to Standards
  4. Click "Edit Standards"
  5. Search for your standards by typing in a key term or scroll to browse
  6. Select your standards and save
  7. Repeat the pattern if you want to add more than one group
  8. Great! Now you will be able to access the standards when making assignments...

Pro Tip: Your standards will only apply to that class. However, you may add the standards to one class and copy it in your dashboard and save yourself some time.

Create Custom Standards

Custom Standards are great when you wish to track something not represented in the available standards. See more about setting up your Custom Standards.

Track Social Emotional Competencies with CASEL

Looking to track more than just academic objectives? Add CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) objectives to your class to track grade-level objectives that include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

How does Kiddom Support Social Emotional Learning?

Don’t see your standards?

No problem. Feel free to email to request the standards. If you have a copy of them and wish them to be bulk uploaded, we would need a file (preferably CSV) in order to upload your standards. At times the formatting may delay the process of importing. 

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