Common Core, State, or Custom Standards?

Kiddom allows teachers to add and align assignments to the following standards:

  • Common Core Learning Standards/National Standards (NGSS, Arts Standards, CASEL Social Emotional Learning, etc.)
  • State Standards (continuously updated!)
  • Custom Standards 
  • International Standards (ACARA, Tsai Hsing, etc.)

Some schools or teachers may have standards or learning targets that are slightly different from the Common Core, or you may want to add standards for your specific content. Kiddom allows you to include these standards in your dashboard.

Under "Class Settings" you can add "Custom Aligned Standards" and "State Standards." This way you can include your own standards while seeing how your students perform based on national standards.

Did you add standards to your class that you’d like to remove? While we don’t have this option available yet, rest assured, we’re working on a way for you to do this. Stay tuned!

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