How Do I Grade Assignments?

Grading Made Easy:

When your students complete their assignments, it's time to grade! You can access assignments you'd like to grade directly from your Timeline. You can use the Timeline filter Done to display any ungraded complete assignment.

Once you find the assignment you need to grade, click on it to be directed to the grading window. Once on the grading page, the left menu contains information about the assignment as well as three sections that will aid you while grading: Submitted, Not Submitted and Graded. These sections provide you with a high level view of who has completed the assignment, which have been graded, and which need to be graded.

To begin grading, click the first assignment under the submitted section then review the submission. Once you've completed grading the assignment, press submit grade to move on to the next student.

Automatic Grading for Multiple Choice

  • Multiple choice questions are automatically graded in Kiddom. When a student submits their answers, you will see a robot icon next to points box.
  • If you need to, you can still manually edit the points. Students can also continue to resubmit work.
  • Once the grade is final, click "Submit Grade" to move onto the next student.

Tips and Tricks for Grading

  • Be sure to click on any attachments to view the file they have shared with you. You can view each student's response and leave them comments.
  • If you notice a student may have skipped a question or needs a bit of a push, you can use the feedback tool to chat with the student. Once you leave a comment, the student will be notified immediately and can respond via the same chat. The chat history will also be saved, so you or the student can always return to the chat to review the message.

Easy Grading Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation

[ q ] takes you back to your Timeline

[tab, j] takes youto the next student attempt, will focus the first student if viewing assignments vs attempts

[Arrow right] takes you to the next student question view when viewing a single question

[Arrow left] takes you to the previous student question view when viewing a single question

[Arrow down] focus on the next question input

[Arrow up] focus on the previous question input

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