Using Microsoft O365 With Kiddom

If your school is using Microsoft Office 365 we haven’t forgotten about you here at Kiddom! 

Adding attachments from O365 is super simple, it just takes creating the document and sharing the link on a Kiddom assignment. Check out the steps below: 

  1. Create your assignment in the Kiddom Planner
  2. After creating your assignmentand putting your directions in the description box, go to your O365 account and find the file you want to include in the assignment. 
  3. Click on the file you want to attach and then navigate to the share settings. 
  4. Click on “Get a Link” and copy the link . 
  5. Paste that link into your Kiddom assignment description and ...ta da! You have your O365 file ready for your students. 
  6. Bonus: Don't forget, you can attach multiple documents to your assignments; so if you want to add another O365 file, an assignment from our content library, or a document from your computer: go right ahead!

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