How Do I Use Resources by CK-12?

What is CK-12? CK-12 provides a library of free online textbooks, videos, exercises, flashcards, and real world applications. They  have a wide variety of resources for K-12 math and science and a growing number of resources for other subjects. It allows student choice by offering multiple modalities of learning on the same topic. When using CK-12 with Kiddom practice assignments, they will be graded automatically once your students submit the assignment in Kiddom and scores will be added to your gradebook and reports. Read Reviews

Do I need a CK-12 account?Kiddom is integrated with CK-12. so you will not need to create a CK-12 account. When you select a CK-12 resource, you will be prompted to give CK-12 permission to connect to your Kiddom account. 

Will my students need to login?
Students also do not need to have an account. When they open the CK-12 assignment from Kiddom it generates a unique code for them. CK-12 supports read receipts and gradebacks so for some assignments students may see the following message at the start of the assignment.  This just means that it will be marked submitted on Kiddom but they should complete the tasks anyway.

Pro Tip: Check out CK-12's Simulations and Plix assignments for in-depth learning experiences!

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