How Do I Use Resources by EVERFI?

What is it? EVERFI delivers digital resources that help teachers equip students with critical life skills such as healthy relationships, financial education, and leadership development. Due to popular demand for more Social Emotional Learning Content we are working with EVERFI to share their Healthy Relationships Course. Resources include interactive modules for students and additional lesson plans and worksheets to supplement. Read Reviews

Do you need an account?Yes. Both students and teachers need accounts to access the interactive modules. As a teacher you will first choose your school to sign up. If your school does not show up, you can register it by clicking “Can’t Find Your School?” and then finish your registration. 

Do you need to create a class?Yes. On your dashboard, you can add the character playbook course. Then you will see the option to create a class. You will be asked to fill out some basic information about the class and then you will have a class code to share with students so they can sign up. 


Pro Tip: When students start a new course, they are asked to complete a pre-course survey. It can take some time but is a one time thing when getting set up. When you first have students sign up for the Everfi course, be sure to allot time for this survey. 

The supplemental lesson materials are a great way to tie the digital content into a larger conversation. Be sure to check out those for ideas on how to expand the learnings. 

Tech Tip: Not recommended for small screens such as mobile phones.

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