How Do I Use Resources by NextLesson?

What is it?NextLesson offers standards‑aligned K‑12 projects and lessons that engage students in real world problem solving with the option to differentiate by student interests. They take an alternative approach to differentiation by allowing you to automatically produce different versions of handouts based on student interests. They offer both digital and printable versions of activities depending on assignment type. We have surfaced their free resources to get you started. Read Reviews

Do you need an account? Yes. In order to access the assignable form of the lesson you will need an account. Your students may or may not need an account depending on how you want them to access materials. NextLesson offers two options for sharing lessons:

1: Download a PDF version and attach to share

2: Create a class, invite students, and share digitally. 

If you prefer to have students access the lessons digitally, you will have them sign up with a class code from NextLesson. This also opens up the InterestID option which allows students to share their interests with you. They offer support articles for getting started.

Pro Tip: Get students started on NextLesson with a homework assignment to set up their account and select at least 10 interests on the InterestID. Then you can send targeted assignments.

Tech Tip: Not recommended for small screens such as mobile phones.

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