How Do I Use Resources by Flocabulary?

*Free to try

What is it?
Flocabulary is a learning program for all grades that uses educational hip-hop music to engage students and increase achievement across the curriculum. They offer engaging and informative songs & videos covering a variety of subjects You may even find yourself playing these videos for your family and friends. Read Reviews

Do you need an account? Yes. You can preview the first 30 seconds of a song without logging in or signing up but in order to view the full set of resources, you will need to create an account. Flocabulary is not free but they offer a 14 day free trial and small selection of free videos. When you create an account, you can set up classes and invite students to join with the Flocabulary class code. When students create an account, they can access the full library videos. 

Teacher Tip: Teaching with limited resources lends itself to creativity. One way you can use Flocabulary without an account is to assign the song preview to your students and task them with finishing the song or writing the next verse. It’s incredible what students can come up with given 30 seconds of inspiration. 

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