How Do I Use Resources by ListenWise?

What is it? Listenwise emphasizes listening skills to advance literacy and learning in all students with a collection of podcasts and public radio stories paired with discussion questions and graphic organizers. If you love podcasts or have been struggling to figure out how to teach speaking and listening standards, Listenwise is the resource for you. They offer a range of public radio stories with supplemental classroom resources such as listening graphic organizers and comprehension questions for middle and high school students covering English, Social Studies, Science and ESL subjects. Read Reviews

Do you need an account? No. You can preview and assign the Listenwise stories without logging in. If you join for free, you will gain access to the listening graphic organizers, a list of listening comprehension questions, discussion themes, and a link to a listening quiz. They have a getting-started guide with more details on how to get set up.   

Tech Teacher Tip: When using Listenwise on Kiddom, you can assign the story to the students through the library and include links to the graphic organizers in the assignment description. You can use this to differentiate the support for students. Some students may benefit from the Listening Identification support while others may not need that type of guidance. 

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