How Do I Use Resources by TedEd?

What is it?TEDEd’s mission is to spark and celebrate the ideas of teachers and students around the world. They offer animated videos with interactive lesson components such as quizzes, guided discussions, and resources to continue exploring. Their library of videos touches on topics that are great for sparking curiosity and providing context for lesson or unit. They have resources for multiple subjects from elementary level to college.

Do you need an account?No. But, with a TEDEd account you can customize each part of the lesson, and there are tools to crop videos if you think they are too long for your class. They even offer you the option to allow students to access your customized lessons without creating an account. This is also one option for viewing student responses.  

Teaching Tip: In the Kiddom Content Library, we have included each component of the TEDEd lessons as a separate resource so if you want to share the video in class, you can assign the quiz or the discussion as homework. Or if you share the video, you can indicate which aspects of the lesson students should submit.  We also included access to the TEDEd series. This is a collection of videos/lessons on one topic. We strongly believe in supporting student choice so by assigning a TEDEd Series and directing students to choose a video from the curated list to complete, you can support curiosity and student ownership.

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