How Do I Invite My Teachers in Academy?

Using Academy's School Setup tool, you can easily create accounts for your teachers with a simple CSV upload. We built our solution to support a variety of formats so you do not have to spend any time copy and pasting or formatting existing staff lists. Just make sure you have some form of name and email column headers.

  1. Click "Setup"  from the options right underneath your avatar.
  2. Upload a csv file by dragging and dropping or clicking "browse."
  3. Correct any errors that may appear. We will highlight the exact instances:

     4. Once errors are corrected, you can send the email invites. Your
          teachers will receive the email below:

Teacher Activity Key:
Inactive:  Teacher has not logged in for a week
Unactivated: Teacher has not used their email to login
Active: Teacher has been using Kiddom within the previous week

Note: If there are errors with processing your upload, you will get an error message with the exact reason for the error. This simply means that the roster upload was not correctly formatted. 

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