How Do I Bulk Add Students in Academy?

Using Academy's School Setup tool, you can easily create accounts for your students with a simple CSV upload. We built our solution to support a variety of formats so you do not have to spend any time copy and pasting or formatting existing rosters, just ensure at least one of the column headers contains "name." Unlike teachers, student bulk uploads do not require an email address. If you do not provide emails, we will generate a username for the student.

Note: The file type must be a CSV and a column must have "name" in order for the upload to work. Otherwise, you will receive an error message.

  1. Click "Setup"  from the options right underneath your avatar.
  2. Upload a csv file by dragging and dropping or clicking "browse."
  3. Correct any errors that may appear. We will highlight the exact instances.

     4. Once the upload is complete, an option to download a CSV of your uploaded roster will appear. You can click "Download CSV" to begin the download process.

Note: By using student accounts, you indicate that you have parent permission for all students under 13 to setup and use Kiddom accounts. Download our sample parent permission letter

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