What Does My Kiddom Academy Dashboard Show?

Being an Administrator on Kiddom Academy means having access to different school and/or district-wide reports to analyze performance and instruction.

To log into your administrator dashboard, go to academy.kiddom.co. You can also click "Manage Kiddom" to access Academy if you are signed in as a teacher with admin capability. Click here to learn more about dual roles in Academy. 

School Dashboard

This is a quick way to measure the pulse of Kiddom usage within your school or district. You will see three buttons on the top: Usage, Add Assignment, and Score Assignment. Usage simply means if they are logging on or not. Add Assignment means if assignments are being created, and Score Assignment means if they are grading. Hover your mouse over a point on the the graph for specific percentage breakdowns. Two analytics below the main charts also let you see what percentage of teachers have been active in the last 2 weeks and which teachers have activated their account. There is an option to view inactive and unactivated accounts below both analytics.

Student Achievement

The student achievement graphs breaks down student mastery throughout the course of the year (and you can toggle to monthly or weekly views too). Hover your mouse over any date and analytics will appear showing a breakdown by percentage of mastery.

Teacher Dashboard

Your teacher dashboards give you deeper insight into how active specific teachers are on Kiddom. Teacher Dashboards let you know everything from the percentage of students at mastery level for a specific teacher, to how many assignments a teacher has created and scored. You can use these analytics for a quick pulse check of your school/district. Click on a teacher to see all of their classes, then click on a specific class to enter it. This will take you to the classroom app.

Students Dashboard

The Students Dashboard lists all students in your school or district. You can either scroll down the list or quickly find who you're looking for using the search bar on the top right.  Student Analytics include assignments submitted, assignments due, and missing assignments.  Click on a student to see their analytics for all of the classes they are enrolled in. Clicking a class will take you to their reports page for that class, where you can see a specific breakdown of standards and assignments.

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