Does Kiddom Support Homeschoolers?


Kiddom allows you to add specific skills and track student progress easily. Customize Kiddom so your student can receive feedback on academic and developmental skills.

Kiddom also gives you the ability to create custom standards. You can create custom standards to track progress on each individual skill. You can add multiple custom standards to a single assignment. To learn how to create custom standards, click here.

Multi-subject classes provide teachers the ability to align standards across multiple subject areas. If teachers assign an informational science text, they can align the assignment to ELA standards for informational reading, as well as science standards for content. Once graded, these skills are tracked with reports located on the Reports pages as well as your student progress reports. To learn more about multi-subject classrooms, click here.

Interested in Kiddom Academy?
Kiddom Academy allows administrators and teachers to develop homeschool curriculum and share with teachers in Classroom. Teachers and students use the classroom app to create assignments, grade, add feedback and track progress. Homeschool co-op administrators uses Academy to keep track of every teacher and student. To learn more, sign up for a demo!

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