When you are creating an assignment, you have the option to choose either points or points with rubric as your grading criteria.

If you choose points, you will be asked to enter the total points possible for the assignment. When grading, this will be the maximum score you can enter. Grades will be calculated depending on the grading preference you choose in settings.

If you choose rubrics, you can create custom rubric categories to assess assignments. For each rubric category you create, you'll be asked to provide a category name and descriptions for performance.

  • Rubrics are based on the points assigned and weighted accordingly. So when you append a rubric category to an assignment, you can select 4, 3, 2 ,1 as a score. That gives the student a point score based on the rubric score you've chosen.
  • Example: if an assignment is worth 10 points, and a student scores a 3 on a rubric, then the student has effectively earned 7.5 points. The math is as follows

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