You can access assignments you'd like to grade from your Timeline. Click on the assignment to start grading the assignment.

A new window will open. To your left, you'll see your student assignment submissions. Click on a student to add grades to their assignment.

  • Click on "Attachment" to view the file they have shared with you. You can view each student's response and leave them comments.
  • In the comments section, you can leave feedback.

For Assignments Evaluated by Points

  • Enter the grade at the top left. Press submit grade to move on to the next student.

Automatic Grading for Multiple Choice

  • Multiple choice questions are automatically graded in Kiddom. When a student submits their answrs, you will see a robot icon next to points box.
  • If you need to, you can still manually edit the points. Students can also continue to resubmit work.
  • Once the grade is final, click "Submit Grade" to move onto the next student.

Easy Grading Keyboard Shortcuts

For Navigation

[ q ] takes you back to Timeline

[ b] takes you back to the full attempt when viewing a single question

[tab, j]  takes you to the next student attempt, will focus the first student if viewing assignments vs attempts

[Arrow right]  takes you to the next student question view when viewing a single question

[Arrow left]  takes you to the previous student question view when viewing a single question

[Arrow down]  focus on the next question input

[Arrow up]  focus on the previous question input

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