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Watch the tutorial for grading assignments above, or follow these steps:

You can access assignments you'd like to grade from your Timeline. Click on the assignment to start grading the assignment.

A new window will open. To your left, you'll see your student assignment submissions. Click on a student to add grades to their assignment.

  • Click on "Attachment" to view the file they have shared with you. You can view each student's response and leave them comments.
  • Under the comments section, you can leave feedback.

For Assignments Evaluated by Points

  • Enter the grade at the bottom left. Press enter to move on to the next student.

For Assignments Evaluated by Rubrics

  • If you are grading by rubrics, click on "rubrics" to expand this section
  • Choose what level the student is performing at for each rubric category.
  • Your grades will then be averaged and weighted based on the number of points assigned. The math is: (student’s score on rubric category / 4) x (assignment value) = student score
  • Click "Submit Grade" to finish!

Easy Grading Keyboard Shortcuts

For Navigation

[ tab ] or [ j ] moves down to the next student 

[shift-tab]  or [ k ] moves back up

[enter] submits a score

Rubric Grading

[ 1 ]...[ 9 ] enters the corresponding rubric point

[ backspace ] goes back to previous rubric

[ 0 ]  or [ x ] to grade as not submitted

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