Click on Reports to see your progress.

In Reports, you can track your performance in each class based by standards and assignments. 

Definition: Standards are like goals that are monitored in class.

You can see your progress for specific standards a few different ways:

Download Reports
You can download your own report cards as pdf files by clicking on the blue button on the right side. This can be really helpful when you need to show grades to a coach, parent, or monitor them yourself.

Reading the Charts
When looking at your reports you can see your overall grade and your progress on each standard.

  • The solid line means that you’ve done enough work in order for there to be a trend.
  • A dashed line means it has only been introduced
  • The colors are related to your performance: 

Dark blue is the highest possible,
Light blue means you’ve mastered it
Orange means you’re approaching mastery
Red means that you need help with that standard or goal.

Click on the standard to see how many and which assignments are linked to it. You can go back to the assignment, too, and see your attachment, the grade, and comments. 

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