Sometimes it may be helpful to take a screenshot in order to show or explain something to us or for your students.

If you are looking for an article to share with students: See Student Help for Screenshots


Press on the keys SHIFT + COMMAND + 4

This will make your cursor look like a target. Click and drag it over what you wish to capture.

Your computer will then take a picture of that area.

Go to "All My Files” and your screenshot should be labeled “Screenshot” with the date and time. 


  1. Press Windows and Print Screen buttons.
  2. When your press these, you will save a full-screen screenshot directly into a file. It should be saved in a file called “Screenshots” in your “Pictures” folder. 
  3. The picture will be saved as a PNG
  4. Your screenshot will automatically be labeled “Screenshot” and the number for each screenshot you take


To take a screenshot of everything you see…

Hold down the Control “Ctrl” button and the Switch Window Button, which is between Full Window and Brightness. It  looks like this:

If you just want to take a partial screenshot, 

Hold down Control “Ctrl” and Shift keys at once and press the Switch Window button 

Once as you take a screenshot, the image saves into your “Downloads” folder where they are labeled with the date and time you took them. You can click on the notification to open the Downloads folder and select the image file. 

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