Note: Content Search is different from Kiddom's Library. Content Search is available to everyone, where as our library is available only in the platform. Click here if you are using our Library to find resources.

Kiddom connects directly with curriculum and content providers to provide educators with a vast library of standards-aligned resources to save time. 

 Use our Content Search to find and assign quizzes, videos, interactive practices, lectures, lessons, and more. Resources on Kiddom's content search are meant to supplement instruction and offer teachers additional differentiation materials. 

 You can get started by entering a search term, or just using the filters to find content for any grade/subject. You can filter by grade by clicking “Grade” and dragging and dropping the bar to indicate what grade level you want. You can adjust this to cover multiple grades, or just one.

To filter subjects, simply click “Subject.” You may select multiple subjects.

We also give you the option to search by the content provider and the content type. Again, you can click as many options as you want to make your search as specific or broad as possible.

Once you select a resource, you will see a short description, as well the type, subject, and grade. You can preview it by clicking “Preview” or assign it by clicking “Assign.” If you are not logged in or signed up, clicking Assign will take you to the log in or sign up page, respectively. You can also preview which standards are aligned to the resource.

To learn more about the resources Kiddom's Library offers, click here! 

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