Curriculum planning takes time. With Kiddom's Planner, teachers can plan units and lessons well in advance, so assigning students the "right" work takes less time. Teachers can also work together to effectively co-plan, all without having to be in the same room.

Want to  share your curriculum with co-teachers and teacher teams?

When you create a new class in Kiddom, a "Master Curriculum "(of the same name as your class) is automatically created in your Planner. This is the curriculum that is automatically shared with collaborators you invite. The master curriculum is the curriculum a team of teachers gain access to for co-planning purposes.

Sharing your curriculum is easy:

  1. Create a class (or, ask a colleague to create one). Once you create the class, open Planner to create the "Master Curriculum." There is no limit to the amount of assignments, assignment groups, units, and content the teacher can add to this curriculum.
  2. From there, invite collaborators to this class. You just need an email address to invite collaborators. 
  3. If you'd like your collaborators to be able to make changes to the curriculum, be sure the collaborators have  "edit" permissions. If you'd only like your collaborators to view your curriculum, choose "view only." You can always change these permissions from Class Settings.
  4. Ensure your collaborator(s) accept your invite to join your class. They can accept from their notifications or class list page. 

Collaborators can then use the Master Curriculum in all of their classes. They can also use the Master Curriculum for classes where they are not the owner (they would just need editing permissions). 

It’s that easy. Whether you’re a co-teacher, or a part of a teacher team, shareable curriculum can make co-planning more effective, more productive, and less dependent on the structure of the school day.

Pro tip: sharing a Master Curriculum ideal for co-teachers and teams of teachers who work off the same curriculum and lesson plans.

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