We know that sometimes the terms on our platform need some explaining; here's some Kiddom jargon for you:

Academy - Administrators use academy.kiddom.co to measure, align, and plan interventions with their learning community.

When your school or district signs up for a school or district plan, you get access to additional, community-level features and support. Find out about Academy.

Content Library -  Refers to the library of resources that you can search among and attach to your assignments. See more about our content library 

Class Code -  If a student wants to join a teacher’s class, he or she will need to use the Class Code unique to that class. Where is my class code?

Classroom - Refers to where a teacher can post announcements for the whole class. You can attach documents and video/audio recordings for the whole class.

Collaborator - A collaborator can be anyone in the school community with whom you share edit or view privileges of your class data and curriculum. See more on collaboration

Gradeback - The student work will be graded for you. If you attach a CK-12 assignment that falls under the ‘practice’ category, students’ grades will be automatically entered into your Kiddom gradebook. This feature only allows only one attachment per assignment. 

Planner - You can think of Planner as a digital curriculum binder or bookshelf, storing resources like lesson plans, activities, worksheets, and videos for later use. For each class there is a ‘master curriculum’.

Timeline - This is where you create or drop assignments from your Planner to assign. You can edit who receives it, the due date, and grading options.

Resource Room - Professional development materials on your own time: teaching resources and guides; resources for students, parents, and more. Check out our resource library.

Student Facing - Indicates students will see the section when assigned over to students.

Don't see the term here?

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