To get started, simply click on “Demo Class” after you log in/sign up. This class will already have 10 students, assignments in your Timeline, curriculum in your Planner, and data reports. 

You will notice your demo class is pre-populated with assignments in both Timeline and Planner. 

Each assignment is a skill that will help you master Kiddom! Timeline is the list of assignments on your left. Let’s take a look at our Timeline assignments first:

  • Click onto each assignment
  • You will see the description of the assignment + a link to more resources/attachments.
  • Read through the description and open the attachment to learn more about that skill. Attachments
  • Remember to click “Older Assignments” at the top. There are a few assignments/skills to master here, too!

Now let's take a look at Planner. If you haven’t already, click “Got It” on the Planner after reading the description to access assignments. The Planner has two Units: Getting Started with Kiddom and Help Students Get Started on Kiddom. Within these units, there are assignment groups, which are connected groups of assignments. Click on an unit to see the assignments within. Much like exploring Timeline, each assignment has links or attachments to resources to help you understand how to use Kiddom. 

Note: Your Reports page in demo class is pre-populated with data from the grades entered in Timeline assignments. To learn more, go to Unit 1 in your demo class Planner and expand the Assignment Group “Analyze” or visit

Happy teaching and learning!

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