Kiddom Academy  provides administrators and curriculum managers  with the tools they need to calibrate curriculum across classrooms, grade teams, schools, and districts.


  • Create curriculum for multiple grade levels and subjects throughout your school
  • Add courses within each subject and make them accessible to teachers of your choosing
  • Add skills to each course to ensure appropriate skills and standards are assessed
  • Teachers will have the ability to make an editable copy of the school curriculum and include additional resources appropriate for their classroom
  • Include recommended number of instructional days per course to ensure efficient scheduling. 

By managing curriculum with Kiddom’s Academy product, Curriculum Coordinators will be able to:

  • Communicate relevant learning objectives and expectations to teachers
  • Check in to see where teachers are in respect to meeting learning expectations
  • See what teachers are doing in the classroom to meet learning objectives
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of what teachers are doing in their classrooms in regards to learning objectives
  • Respond to what teachers are doing in their classrooms

Teachers will be able to see the course curriculum  from their classroom app, and you have permission to give them view only or edit access. 

Administrators can click into any teacher's curriculum to view what resources teachers have added into their Planner:

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