Being an Administrator on Kiddom Academy means having access to different school and/or district-wide reports to analyze performance and instruction. Administrators also get a birds-eye view of class performance throughout their schools/district.

Administrators/Curriculum Managers  on Kiddom Academy also have the ability to create the foundational curriculum for teachers to work on, edit, and implement via Kiddom Classroom. Academy gives you the ability to append units, instructional days, skills, and collaborators.

Curriculum Management on Kiddom Academy

Teachers use Kiddom Classroom to access the curriculum built out by their administrators/curriculum managers. From there, they can use the foundational curriculum to add their own lessons and assignments. The Classroom app is also where teachers grade,  leave feedback, view their own classes' reports, and browse content. Teachers do not have access to the analytics and the Curriculum Management feature that Academy has. Teachers are limited to interact with only their own classes, as well any class they may be a collaborator in.

Create assignments for the same curriculum on Kiddom Classroom.

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