In short, no! Kiddom is flexible for all educators and teaching styles. 

We recommend teachers use Kiddom to actively track all types of assignments, both offline and online (digital and paper), to obtain a clearer, more holistic profile of individual student achievement. 

  1. For Offline Assignments - Teachers should manually enter achievement data for any paper assessment, class activity, project, classwork, etc. Simply create a new assignment, add the assignment details, and input the grades directly. You can also provide students with feedback here. 
  2. For Online Assignments - Teachers should provide feedback for engagement in activities and assignments that shared online via Kiddom. After assigning a video, article, lecture, other online resource, enter grades for participation and/or reflection. 
  3. For Online Assignments with Automatic Scoring - When teachers choose assignments to share from Kiddom’s content library, student achievement data automatically syncs with your gradebook. Students can continue answering questions until mastery is reached. For a list of which content partners provide automatic scoring, visit your class settings
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